Serving Southeastern PA
and Eastern PA Areas
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Pavers & Retaining Wall in Southeastern PA & Eastern PA
Welcome to Franklin Construction

Retaining Walls, Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Site Work
in Southeastern/Eastern PA, NJ, and DE Areas

Franklin Construction is a supplier and installer of commercial hardscaping products with a focus on retaining wall and interlocking concrete paver applications. Since 2005 it has been our mission to provide outstanding service and quality work to our commercial clients. We do this with a staff of highly trained people ready to serve the needs of the customer.

We believe that bringing value, efficiency and innovation to each project is a priority in the construction industry. From the bidding process to preliminary estimates and final shop drawings we attempt to offer solutions that solve difficult site problems connected with retaining walls and other difficult site conditions.

Our service area includes Eastern and Southeastern PA, New Jersey (NJ), and northern portions of Delaware (DE).

  • Structures - (SRW) Segmental Retaining Wall Systems, (MSE) Mechanically Stabilized Earth, Gabion Applications, Big Block Gravity Systems, Site Boulders, Dry Stack and Timber Walls
  • Pervious No-Fines Concrete Reinforced Structures
  • Manta Ray Anchor Systems
  • Hardscaping – Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Permeable Pavers, Turf Type Pavers, Temporary / Fire Lane Pavers, Basin Overflow Applications
  • Environmental – Stream Bank Remediation, Scour Repair and Associated Work
  • Site Work – Grading, Blacktop, Concrete, Pipe Work and Underground Detention Applications
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